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Q:  Do you teach?
A:  Yes, I teach individual lessons, & clinics to groups of students.

Q:  Can you recommend an instrument repair tech?
A:  Yes.  Please see 

Q:  Can you book a full horn section?
A:  Yes, I have a network of capable musicians with fantastic resumes that I enjoy playing as a unit with.

Q:  Do you write compositions and arrangements?
A:  On a limited basis, due to scheduling; but I would be happy to refer you to a number of world-class composers and arrangers.

Q:  Do you play piccolo trumpet or flugelhorn?
A:  Yes, I do.  Piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, fanfare trumpet, cornet, and a small amount of keyboard, in fact.

Q:  Can you sing?
A:  Yes, but you'd make the right choice by leaving me on backup vocals.  Singers are a special breed of performers.

Q:  Do you refer other musicians?

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